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About Marlene Patton

Marlene Patton started her career in the real estate industry in 1999 working for a Washington, DC developer and property owner in Bethesda, Maryland. She was quickly advanced as a staff accountant to monitor the accuracy of thousands of transactions for residential multifamily properties and mobile home parks. From there, Marlene moved into an accounting role for luxury condominiums and cooperatives throughout the DC area. While working with condos and coops, Marlene advanced to the position of assistant controller. These positions gave Marlene the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the accounting systems for real estate operations. She developed expertise in the most widely used accounting software systems in the real estate industry. 


Her Story

In 2012, Marlene received her certification as a Training Generalist and began creating training programs for users of Property Management software systems using industry best practice standards. Marlene transitioned into the Affordable Housing industry where she customized property management software systems and created training programs for their users. These customizations and training programs created systems of automation that resulted in steady flows of income for affordable properties required to adhere to the complex government compliance regulations. Marlene’s trainings were customized to address the needs of the accounting staff, developers, property managers, asset managers and building engineers.

Marlene utilized these skills in the open market as a consultant for corporate clients on real estate software systems for developers, asset managers and property managers. Some of the services included making recommendations for software customizations, project planning for conversion and software implementations and creating end user trainings.

After providing corporate consulting services, Marlene pivoted back to her accounting background when she was recruited to manage an accounting team responsible for over 7,000 single family rental properties, more than 5,000 vacation rental properties, and a commercial real estate division. In addition to managing the accounting staff, Marlene was entrusted to accurately account for millions of dollars in daily transactions and report profit and loss activity for multiple business lines on a monthly basis.

Marlene now uses these real estate industry skills in finance, management, and fiduciary responsibility in her role as CEO and Real Estate Investor for Prevail Capital Group, LLC, a commercial real estate investment company. Its mission is to focus on risk mitigation in order to incubate profitable investments in commercial real estate. Marlene has lived and breathed real estate for over 20 years and continues to surround herself with industry winners. Her inner desire to serve others inspires her to be a generous giver. “It is my personal mission to be a vessel of positivity and to use my gifts to serve others with faith, joy and integrity.”

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